We handle the entire design process

ShipCon’s services include all aspects of the design process. We manage every project from start to finish with an assured and practised hand leaving nothing to chance. From the preliminary examinations and technical specifications through to preparation of authority drawings, production drawings and co-operation with classification societies and ship yards, we possess the experience and specialist knowledge required to ensure that our customers receive the optimal solution every time.

We divide the design process into three phases:

  • Concept design
  • Basic design
  • Detail design

Concept design

In the concept design phase, we get thoroughly acquainted with our customers’ demands and focus on concretising and defining their requirements. For the concept design phase to be efficient and successful, we need to establish a close working relationship with our customers.

Our employees’ valuable experience in ship building enables them to decipher customer specifications and subsequently, convert them into a concrete and tangible design. We perform preliminary examinations and select design concepts that will form the foundation for the overall project design.

Our concept design package usually consists of the following elements:

  • Technical specifications
  • General arrangement
  • Generation of hull shape
  • Weight and stability estimates
  • Hydrostatics and tank capacity calculations
  • Evaluation of seaworthiness, maneuvrability and power requirements
  • Preliminary rule calculations to ensure compliance with classification society regulations
  • Principle midship section

Basic design

Based on the final concept design, ShipCon offers a wide range of basic design services. Our basic design services include e.g. general arrangement drawings as well as documentation that form the foundation for authority and classification society approval and for the following detail design process.

Our employees have years of experience in co-operating with classification societies and know how to handle the process to ensure a fast and efficient authorisation procedure.

Our basic design package usually consists of the following elements:

  • Steel drawings
  • Steel calculations
  • Safety drawings
  • Authority drawings
  • Accommodation drawings
  • Equipment drawings
  • Technical drawings concerning e.g. stability, load line, tonnage, and equipment number.

Detail design

At ShipCon, we possess not only in-depth theoretical knowledge of ship design and ship building but also have years of practical, hands-on experience from leading ship yards. Our practical experience provides us with valuable knowledge of what it takes to ensure an efficient ship building process. In the detail design phase, we convert this experience and knowledge into detailed production drawings for the ship yard to rely on during the building process.

ShipCon provides detailed drawings including e.g.: 

  • Section drawings
  • Lofting
  • Equipment drawings
  • Coordination drawings

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