Safety and inspections

Safety and ship inspections

Within the maritime sector, a safe working environment is of vital importance and legal requirements are strict when it comes to control, inspections and documentation.

At ShipCon, we have years of experience with conducting ship inspections, surveys and various measurements on behalf of e.g. shipowners, potential buyers/charterers, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Ship inspections and surveys

Our services within the field of ship inspections and surveys include:

  • On-site newbuilding, conversion and repair surveys
  • Yard supervision – owner representation
  • Project management
  • Registration of flag transfer
  • Condition and value surveys
  • On/off hire surveys
  • Lightweight surveys

Noise and vibration measurements

ShipCon also specialises in analysing and controlling noise and vibration levels. We provide a range of noise and vibration measurements and calculations, including:

  • Measurements of noise and vibration levels and identification of vibration sources during ship operation. The measurement results are shown graphically to enable easy comparison between the measured noise and vibration levels – and the noise and vibration limits defined in the contract.
  • Noise and vibration calculations during the ship construction phase to prevent and avoid future problems.

Authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority

ShipCon conducts all ship inspections, surveys and measurements in accordance with existing laws and regulations and is of course authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority.

We are authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority to provide the following services:

  • Inclining tests and lightweight surveys
  • Tonnage calculations
  • On board noise measurements
  • Approval of houseboats

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