About conversions

  • Conversion and rebuilding of all types of vessels

Throughout the life cycle of a vessel, it might become relevant to assess the vessel’s operational performance and rebuild it to meet future market demands as well as new legislation and regulations.

Regardless of the size and type of your conversion project, ShipCon serves as a valuable sparring partner for a wide range of maritime customers including shipyards and shipping companies. Our capabilities include conversions and rebuildings of all types and sizes of vessels – from the installation of cranes to the rebuilding of a passenger ferry to an FPSO vessel.

ShipCon takes on all types of conversions and rebuildings regardless of the scale and scope of the job – from small conversions to large-scale turnkey projects e.g.:

  • From stern trawler to research vessel
  • Ship renovations
  • Hull extensions
  • Addition of sponsons to cable laying vessel
  • New bulb and antiroll tank
  • Ice strengthening of shell
  • New superstructures, funnel and wheel house
  • Reinforcements for new cranes, winches and ROV equipment
  • Installation according to our own drawings: Gondola, A-frame, rudder, hatches, bow doors, ramps etc.

With valuable, hands-on shipbuilding experience our team of highly qualified employees are capable of handling all types of conversion projects. We are able to skillfully manage the entire process from start to finish – always in accordance with customer demands, the requirements of the law and classification society standards.

We provide:

  • Preliminary examinations
  • Project engineering
  • Structural design / ship design calculations
  • Detailed arrangement and production drawings for ship yards
  • Documentation for authorities and classification societies

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