Inclining tests and stability reports

Inclining tests and stability assessments are of vital importance to the safety on board your vessel. Consequently, when significant modifications are made, specialists need to be consulted to determine their effect on the stability of the vessel.

ShipCon has extensive experience in conducting inclining tests and composing stability reports, and we are authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority to conduct light weight surveys and inclining tests. Over the years, we have conducted more than 300 inclining tests and have built valuable experience and expertise within this specific field.

ShipCon comprises a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals working together to provide the highest possible standards in services and solutions. In addition to inclining tests and stability reports, our services also include hydrostatic calculations and evaluation of requirements for intact and leak stability. Regardless of vessel type and size, we provide complete stability information in compliance with IMO standards and national legal requirements in preparation for classification society approval.

We use the efficient and well-proven AutoHydro software as a tool to calculate all significant stability parameters.

We have performed inclining tests on the following vessels (among others):
Hundvagøy, North Crusader, Modi R, Vædderen, Mearsk Chancellor, Haanseraq, Maren Mols, Mette Mols and Thor R.

We have performed inclining tests and provided stability reports on the following vessels (among others):
Newfoundland Martin, Jean Charcot, Cocinelle, Manu, Polar Timmiarmiut, Arina Arctica, Ocean Explorer, Pamiut, Sissimut, Wind, Irena Arctica, Kommandor Calum, Stormhav, Polar Quaasiut, Skandi Fjord, Helle Sej, Western Regent and Polar Princess.

In addition, ShipCon conducts damage stability assessments in accordance with probabilistic rules (2009) and composes Damage Control Booklets.

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