Composite constructions

Design of composite constructions

Composite is a strong alternative to traditional construction materials such as steel and aluminium. The key advantages of composite are its light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance.

At ShipCon, we specialise in the design of complex steel and aluminium constructions, but we also have extensive experience in composite design and provide all the technical calculations and drawings required for composite constructions.

In the maritime industry, the demand for green solutions that reduce the environmental impact of shipping has risen as environmental laws and regulations have been tightened. By building ships and marine equipment in lightweight materials such as composite, you reduce not only fuel consumption and operational costs but also the environmental impact.

Composite constructions on board the superyacht Aventura

Composite has been used as construction material for a wide range of structures on board the superyacht Aventura. ShipCon provided a complete package of production drawings for the installation of a folding stern platform, lifting keel arrangement, sea chest arrangement, ventilation grids and ducts.

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